MAXianghan. MFA Design & Technology.


I'm MAX.

About me


I'm Chinese. Born and raised in Beijing.

Fell in love with Art when I was 4. Never stopped loving it ever since.

Love Cat; Love Nature; Love Music; Love Singing; Love Family; Love Food; Love Beauty; Love Traveling; Love Challenge; Love Adventure; Love Snowboarding; Love Roller-skating; Love Yoga; Love Laughing out loud. 

Hate Cinnamon; Hate Scallion; Hate Cilantro; Hate Pink; Hate Male Chauvinism; Hate Princess Syndrome; Hate Injustice; Hate Inequality;

Cynical; Independent; Rebellion.

Got a B.A. Degree in Communications from University of Colorado Denver.

Currently pursuing a Degree in MFA Design & Technology at Parsons, New York.